7 Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Trading Tools You Should Know About

Posted on 4/30/2021 by Andras

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) season has been going on for a while now. There are many opportunities to trade, farm, or participate in early sales (with caution).

As the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem has had quite a bit of a head start, we already have some pretty well-developed tools for Ethereum DEX trading, such as ChartEx or DEXTools

However, most of those sites that have been built around the Ethereum ecosystem haven’t yet implemented BSC support. This is why we’ve collected some of the best BSC-specific ones for you in this article.

Before we start, if you’d like to compare adoption between BSC and Ethereum, The Block’s Data Dashboard has some useful charts comparing TVL, unique wallets interacting with different protocols, and many others.


This is an obvious first step, but if you’re new to BSC aping, it’s useful to start with it. BscScan is the prime block explorer and analytics site for BSC. If you’re a seasoned Ethereum user, you’ll see that the site looks and feels just like etherscan – that’s because it’s developed by the same team as etherscan.

As you’d expect, you can check your addresses, transactions, token contracts, etc., on the site. In addition, you can also track some key BSC metrics, such as the number of daily transactions, unique addresses, validators, and even a yield farming list.


You know Defi Pulse and Defi Llama? Well, Defistation is a similar site that specializes only in BSC projects. Actually, it’s worth noting that Defi Llama also lists some BSC projects, so you can compare them to their equivalents on Ethereum or other smart contract platforms. 

Defistation shows you the biggest projects on BSC according to the amount of value locked in them. This can be a handy tool to scout around for the (relative) safety of the more tried and tested farming opportunities on BSC. A high TVL, of course, doesn’t necessarily mean that the project is completely safe to use, but it’s not a bad start to avoid the most obvious rug pulls.


When your friends ask you how you can afford that expensive NFT, you can now say it’s all thanks to the alpha provided by a site called poocoin that helps you make money on another site called PancakeSwap. The future of finance is indeed, here.

Poocoin lets you plot BSC coins in integrated TradingView charts. You can also unlock premium features, such as wallet tracking on BSC. aims to be a comprehensive toolkit for all things BSC. You could think of it as similar to DEXTools for BSC. It offers a PancakeSwap trading pair explorer and connects to BSC news sites. 

As of writing, a lot of the site’s functionality is still under development, but it may have a pool explorer, a ‘multi-swap’ feature, custom alerts, and more in the future.


Goswapp is a neat analytics site showing you the top tokens on PancakeSwap. 

It’s also unfinished as of yet, but additional features are in development, such as alerts and a wallet overview.


Vfat is a charmingly barebones yield farming site that directly plugs into smart contracts on Ethereum and many other blockchains. It has a dedicated section for BSC

While Vfat may be one of the best sources for finding the latest opportunities, it also contains some of the most high-risk farms, so DYOR – the responsibility is all in your hands. 

PancakeSwap Info

If you’re familiar with trading on Uniswap, you probably know Uniswap Info. Well, PancakeSwap Info is a fork of that site. 

Unfortunately, as of April 2021, the site hasn’t been updated with the latest data for over a month now. We’ve included it here nevertheless, because the data issues may be sorted in the future. Probably worth a bookmark for the possibility for it to be useful once it’s up and running again. So, these are the best tools you can use for BSC right now. Know of any better ones? Let me know on Twitter: @imBagsy